Shotcrete machine reducer maintenance

PZ-7-type spraying machine (shotcrete) for the most difficult field conditions, low maintenance. However, PZ-7-type spraying machine with all rotor-type spraying machine, you must always pay attention to maintenance. Reducer Maintenance: It should be cleaned after each shift reducer outer surface adhesion mixing materials and other debris; Often observed oil standard, should be timely Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers insufficient lubricant filling. No. 50 industrial gear lubricants oil (sy1172 --- 77s) or No. 46 machine oil; Total working 250 hours (about three months) after the replacement of oil should again; Party should be filled rotor shaft bearing grease (top side axis has the fuel inlet).

Wet spraying machine shotcrete technology

Construction technology of concrete spraying machine injection in todays tunnel-building very extensive, currently widely used in concrete construction of injection is dry spray and wave spray. With the continuous development of construction technology in recent decades spraying machine, a new jet concrete construction technology - wet shotcrete, is gradually applied shotcrete construction operations. The basic principle is to wet shotcrete concrete mixing well into the wet spraying machine, mixing coagulant with compressed air atomizing nozzle and speed from the metering pump to the nozzle beam forming material, is sprayed onto the surface by spraying on. Only the amount of wet concrete is easy to control the injection process dust and rebound less, is the application of injection technology should be developed. Wet spray shotcrete machine wet shotcrete technology superiority technology is a new technology. Wet spray and wave spray there were significant differences. a. a lower concentration of dust during the construction. b. high productivity. c. Equipment and Materials less wear. d. wet sprayed concrete mix ratio is easy to control. e. resilience is low, can effectively control costs.

For spraying machine construction tools greatest benefit will be what    

Spraying machine for jet industry is an important tool that can be said is now being used in a wide range. Many engineering tools used for injection of the industry is very important, if not a good tool to complete the progress of each project that can not be so quick to complete, so that as long as it must not be separated is the construction shotcrete machine great help.         In the domestic jet use different purposes, and now there will be many types of jet models. Mainly the construction of this course, but also needed to progress, a different tool is more convenient in use. Now the shape of a small jet technology development, not heavy weight, operation and maintenance are very simple and easy. Work used in the industry more should pay attention to good quality tools, using the best tools of course, the biggest benefit does not affect the quality of the project. Construction projects are very important, each step must be done according to the standard. If the poor quality of the work and how it can improve work efficiency, improve the efficiency of construction workers that are bound to use the jet. Concrete spraying machine is stable performance of Taiwan machine building works for the injection work is also ongoing basis, which of course can not do without a good concrete spraying machine, how to find a stable performance of the spraying machine, which of course get on the Jining-source Machinery Co., Ltd. for the purchase, manufacturing quality and performance of course, Small Portable Concrete Pump For Sale can be stable tool work for injection, the injection tool is still very important, the quality of the project are to be carefully done.         Stable performance of the machine in terms of quality is quite guaranteed, so that work can improve greater efficiency. Whether it is dry spray or wave spray can spray work well done, very wide range of use, this advanced equipment for engineering tools is a big help, Shun Yuen manufactured products, quality and reputation are Okay.         Any injection work can easily complete and stable performance concrete jet use will be relatively normal, what issues are largely the fault does not occur, the body is not great for moving any project will be able to operate easily.

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